Grant Moore, Astrologer

Know yourself.  Your character is your destiny.


    * Professional astrologer Grant Moore is a born-and-raised American who currenty (year 2017) lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  

    * His practice is strictly Western astrology, with an emphasis on spirituality.  He has a particular interest in synastry: relationships, as interprted by comparing horoscopes. Having lived in Asia for more than 12 years, he is attune to Asian viewpoints.

    * Grant received his Professional Certificate from the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), after an eight-hour exam in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, in 1980. Professional Certificate is the highest-level certificate awarded by the AFA, one of the world's foremost associations of professional astrologers.

    * He practiced astrology for many years in San Francisco, in Honolulu, in Taipei, and many other places.

    * His horoscope interpretations are given in his native English, also in Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, and Portuguese languages.

    * Grant currently is available for friendly, relaxed, positive horoscope interpretations.  In Phnom Penh, in person.  Elsewhere via WeChat.

    * Horoscope reading fees are reasonable, and the introductory reading is half-price. Payment is accepted via PayPal. If you're not completely satisfied, Grant will not accept payment.

    * If interested, e-mail him at:

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